In December 2019, UNISEC-Taiwan is accepted as a local chapter of the UNISEC-Global. Currently, UNISEC-Taiwan is constituted of three universities: National Cheng Kung University, National Central University, and Tamkang University.


In the 85 years since our school's founding, its identity has evolved too: from Tainan Technical College in 1931, to Taiwan Provincial College of Engineering in 1946, Taiwan Provincial Cheng Kung University in 1956, and National Cheng Kung University in 1971. Named after Zheng Chenggong (Koxinga), a heroic pioneer of Taiwan’s development, NCKU’s history has been closely bound up with the changes that have affected our nation and society. While training countless talented students, the school has grown symbiotically with the city of Tainan, staying in touch with the pulse of society and forging links throughout the world. more...


National Central University (NCU) is an university with long-standing traditions in Taiwan. Founded in Nanjing in 1915, NCU was the leading academic center in the Southeast China; the phrase “North the Peking University; South the Central University” at that time revealed the significance of NCU. NCU was later re-established in Taiwan in 1962 and started the development on the basis of Geophysics. After our endeavor over 50 years, NCU has expanded its school size and had great achievements both in academic and research development. NCU is now one of the leading universities in Taiwan. more...


Founded in 1950 as the Tamkang Junior College of English by Mr. Chang Ching-Sheng and his son Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, TKU was Taiwan's first private college. It became the Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences in 1958, before being elevated to Tamkang University in 1980. From its humble beginnings as one of the first schools of higher education in Taiwan, TKU now has four campuses: the Tamsui Campus, the Taipei Campus, the Lanyang Campus, and the Cyber Campus; comprised of eight colleges, with total about 25,000 students. more...


SPACE lab was established in 2003 at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan by Prof. Miau from Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Prof. Juang from Department of Electrical Engineering. Since then, SPACE lab has been involved in several microsatellite and nanosatellites projects in collaboration with both national and international organizations including Taiwan NSPO, VKI, and Russia. Our Taiwan's first nanosatellite, PACE was launched in June 2014, and our second CubeSat named PHOENIX which is selected as one of the CubeSat for QB50 project was launched in July 2017. And now we are working on IRIS CubeSat project.


The PACE project is to develop a 2-kg cubesat to demonstrate attitude determination and control capability in space. The PACE project starts in 2002 and the PACE cubesat is launched in 2014. The abbreviation PACE stands for Platform for Attitude Control Experiments, and as such it shall serve for the in-orbit investigation of different strategies (i.e. control laws) for attitude determination and ...

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The PHOENIX satellite is a double CubeSat that is being developed at NCKU as a part of the QB50 mission which is to deploy a network of CubeSats in a string-of-pearl configuration as depicted for multi-poin. The PHOENIX mission is to fulfill the in-situ lower thermosphere measurement mission and to measure solar EUV flux and the measurement of the solar EUV flux will augment the QB50 mission. ...

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The IRIS project aims to design, develop, launch, and operate a series of IRIS CubeSats that share the same bus system design that is designed to be reusable to fulfill succeeding satellite missions. Currently, a 2U CubeSat (IRIS-A) and a 4U CubeSat (IRIS-B) are being built with the IRIS bus system and are set to launch equipped with Internet of Things payload and an Intelligent Remote Sensing payload respectively. ...

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